Workplace, Manchester

Case Studies

Workplace is a 8,300 sq ft co-working office space offering a new culture of first-class business facilities in the heart of Manchester’s city centre.

The space is divided into distinct, stylishly designed areas, allowing members to choose from private self-contained offices, private desks in open spaces, hot-desks or a business lounge.

sixteen3 products Breathe and Tyler chairs with stylish wooden leg details were used as part of an eclectic mix of soft seating pieces to furnish the Business Lounge area, creating a slick, contemporary and comfortable area for working, casual meetings and relaxing.

The boardroom and training spaces are furnished with Spencer chairs, in a zingy selection of colours and on height adjustable bases with castors, to provide comfort, practicality and style.

A hot-desk and zoned workstation area was created using Adytum Space panels, acting as a visual and acoustic barrier for members in need of individual concentration and focused work space.

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