Adstream, London

Case Studies

Adstream is the world’s leading Global Media Exchange company helping Advertising agencies, Publishers and Brand owners in the distribution and storage of products and services. With 22 offices covering 93 markets for television, radio, print and on-line content sixteen3 were delighted to be selected to provide the reception, meeting and break out solutions for their new London office.

The bespoke solution built around existing building columns in the reception area maximizes the space and offers a clean and crisp aesthetic for their clients.The Ivan chair gives a classic solution to complement the reception itself.

Further into the office complex itself there are Break out meeting cells utilizing Cordon curtains and Club chairs, combined with Trumpet coffee tables, offering effective and comfortable 1 on 1 meeting areas.

Finally in the central office areas Erno gives both a division of space with a substantial group sitting configuration, allowing staff the freedom to work at their desks or in a more informal and relaxed environment.